One day in Napa…

KMJ travels

when we came down to the farm in January we were delighted to figure out that Napa Valley is only about an hour away, so we once again planned a little day trip across the Delta on Sunday.  Our first stop was a return trip to the Oxbow Public Market to visit Pica Pica for a Venezuelan sandwich – we both got a Maize’wich with chicken and guasacaca which was pretty yummy.  Thanks for the tip H2!

After that it was time to hit a few wineries, which actually isn’t easy in a place like Napa where the choices are overwhelming, and at times pricey to visit.  The night before I did a quick search to get some tasting coupons to narrow down our choices.  Our first winery Reata, was fairly new and little off the beaten path so it was a nice spot to start – plus, the lady there gave a us a couple tips on spots to go.  …

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