A Day in Sonoma

A whole day of wine tasting, and man did it go by fast!  after a lazy morning we filled up at breakfast and hit the Alexander Valley to start sampling.  I didn’t like anything at our first stop, but the second, White Oak, had several we enjoyed (3 bottles bought).


Next we headed towards Geyserville but pulled over first at Medlock Ames which looked totally familiar to me – I was thinking from a Martha Stewart article, but actually Food & Wine apparently.  Either way, this was a great stop – cute tasting room, nice wines and they give you cheese!  (2 bottles bought)


Up in Geyserville we visited Silver Oak first as its one of BK’s faves – interesting fact is that they only do Cab.  (1 bottle bought)


Then it was over to Coppola, quite the opposite from Medlock Ames in volume & style but still fun to visit.  BK loved seeing all the movie memorabilia, and we split a pizza to soak up some of the booze buzz.  With the discount e received here from our Sonoma Passport Card aong with a special $1 shipping offer we did some damage here.  (6 bottles being sent home, 1 4-pack of Sofia cans to take into the Redwoods)


Heading back into Healdsburg we had planned to stop by Hudson Street Wineries but they were closed, so our last stop of the day was Portalupi – always suckers for cool packaging we of course had to buy their Vaso de Marina which comes in a milk jug. We also got a Barbera.  (2 bottles bought)

Finally tall for the day:  15!  lots of new wine to enjoy when we get home.



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