cider week at Chuck’s!

Stopped by Chuck’s on the way home to celebrate with two flights so we could sample all eight options. Here’s our thoughts:

Anthem Hopped Cider: sweet start, abrupt dry finish, but sweet left on lips

Snow drift Orchard Select: lots of bubbles, strong apple taste, full-bodied and balanced. A fancy alcoholic Martinellis.

Seattle Cider Semi-Sweet: already a fan of the cans, good on draft as well. Super drinkable, fruity, bubbly.

Whitewood South Sounder: smells like a nice apple juice. Has a sour note.

Doc’s Cider Pear: smooth, light pear taste.

Finn river Forest Ginger : definitely gingery, get the smell right off. Floral & spicy. Like it, but couldn’t drink more than one.

Doc’s pumpkin cider: fragrant with lots of spices – tastes like a holiday apple cider. pretty yummy – BK says you could give it to a two year old and they would like. And get hammered.

Schilling chocolate apple: on nitro. Totally different mouth feel, very smooth, almost flat. The chocolate is a weird taste though.

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