Birthday Bash Mystery Tasting

We thought it would be fun to do a blind tasting on my birthday and see what my smarty pants friends would pick as a fave wine of the night.


Last week at Costco we bought two ~$12-ish bottles:  The Jack from Saviah which is always one of my go-to bottles when I need somehing quick to buy, and a Norton Malbec.  Then we rounded out the trio with a ~$25 Coppola Cab we picked up in Cali on the August road-trip.

Everyone tasted in a different order and left comments on the sheets provided – here’s what they said:

Bottle A:  fruity; drinkable; smooth as velvet with young fruit taking over; minerally + tasty, nicely aged; pretty yummy

Bottle B:  goes down easy, light; light blend – owen roe?; well-balanced; uhhhh?  most drinkable

Bottle C:  sharp at first, mellowed out while sitting open; I like the finish (better than the start); Deep, spicey; sharp; cheap

Any thoughts on which was which?


Bottle A was the Norton Malbec, Bottle B was the Coppola Cab, and Bottle C was the Saviah Jack.

Everyone picked the Coppola Cab as their clear fave for the evening, with the Malbec 2nd and the Jack a surprising 3rd…



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