Marlborough Wine Tour

I love Sauv Blancs, and especially ones from NZ so how could we not do a wine tour while here? We were able to visit four wineries with Highlight tours on a beautiful sunny afternoon.


First stop was Saint Clair – surprisingly our fave here was the chardonnay.  They are also leading the charge with a re-sealable sparkiling wine top, cool!



Second stop was Drylands, home to several different labels, the most well-known being Kim Crawford.  They also had a really nice faux ice wine.


Third stop, Framingham, had a great courtyard out front dotted with random song lyrics along the path.  This winery is especially know for their Reislings.



Last stop of the afternoon was Wairau River, another nice setting.  Here the Rose was our fave.


Bought three bottles to enjoy on the North Island or pack home:  the Saint Clair chardonnay, a Framingham Riesling and the Wairau River Rose.  cheers!


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