Grandma’s Bar in Sydney

This spot popped up on both Yelp and Foursquare as recommendations for me and since it wasn’t too far from our hotel we for sure wanted to check it out – I can’t recommend Grandma’s enough.  Super chill vibe, tucked away on a quiet street under a guitar shop.  It was full but not overflowing as we arrived, with two stools left just for us at the bar.  Décor is as you would expect:  Grandma’s living room with retro touches and mismatched furniture.


The menu is great – so many choices, several tiki themed which made it tough to choose.  Round one I went with a Dark & Storm since they make their own Ginger Beer – it was a solid choice.


Round two I was pulled towards the Ultimate Mai Tai which got even cooler when it came in a crazy tiki glass with flames!

WP_20140125_025 (2)


BK’s two choices for the evening were also delish – the Made Man & Grandma’s Highball:


WP_20140125_026 (2)

WP_20140125_016 (2)

I really wanted to try the Cornflake drink above as well, but that one will have to wait for next time…


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