Church & State wines

we had barely arrived on Vancouver Island today when we stumbled upon our first winery stop of the trip:  Church & State.  It was hard to miss their tall vines along the road that leads to Butchart Gardens.  With a cute logo, how could we not pull in?

We just shared one tasting, splitting the Pinot Gris, the Trebella, the Coyote Merlot and the Syrah:


Of the whites, I liked the Pinot Gris better, light & easy, the only one with the grapes  actually grown on the island, right outside – all the other grapes come from the Okanagan.  The Trebella was fine, but had an taste that I still can’t place.  The merlot  did not taste like a typical merlot, it has a sharpness to it – the Syrah was definitely the best of the bunch.

WP_20150825_009   WP_20150825_007

We didn’t but anything we tasted, but we did buy a couple of their “Lost Inhibitions” line as gifts – great marketing!


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