Rainers in Whiskey

On a recent trip to the walnut farm down in California, we were lucky enough to arrive at the tail end of the cherry harvest.  I have several posts to come about the bounty I brought home, but we’ll kick it off with the first one that got my wheels turning.


The neighbors down the road gifted us a jar of White Cherries in Canadian Whiskey – there is a large Italian population down there and that’s how they do it apparently!  Later in the week they also gave us a bag of the white cherries to take home from their trees, so I’ve done my best to recreate our gift here – we’ll see how it turns out!


You’ll need:

  • White Cherries (aka Rainiers up here in Seattle)
  • Orange rind
  • Canadian Whiskey
  • Grenadine or Cointreau
  • Canning jars of whatever size

Wash & dry your cherries – for this recipe you can leave the stems and pits as is.

Wash & dry your orange, peel the rind off in strips.


Set your jars out, layer each with a piece of rind (pinching the rind a bit as you place it to release the zesty oils) and as many cherries that fit comfortably in the jar/s you have.  If you have enough, add a second strip of rind at the top as well.


The Italians who gifted our first jar to us splashed them with grenadine – since I didn’t have any, I used Cointreau instead.


Then fill each jar with Canadian Whiskey.


Tighten each lid, put in the fridge to chill for six months.  Then enjoy straight out of the jar or in your favorite cocktails for another six months. (Don’t forget to use the whiskey in a cocktail too once you’ve eaten all the cherries!)


Cin Cin!





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