Cherry Shrub cocktails

Since my shrub has been ready I’ve mostly been mixing it up with some gin in the following proportions as I felt like the floral notes of gin would pair well with it (NOTE:  I used the same formula for the Kumquat shrub too and it was equally yummy):

  • 1 shot of shrub
  • 1shot gin
  • 2 shots fizzy water

But then last night, our family friend from whose orchards the cherries came was in town and she likes Manhattans, so I did a quick search to figure out how best to use her chery shrub in Manhattan form – we decided on:

  • 2 shots Bourbon
  • 1/2 shot sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 shot  cherry shrub

It came out pretty well, except BK thinks we need to use a higher proof Bourbon next time – but NV is 80!  Didn’t want to knock her off her feet completely 😉


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