Market tastings

Spent the morning at the South Melbourne Market where a small bottle shop, Swords Select, was tasting two ginger beers.  Unlike most ginger beers in the states these even had booze in them!  The first was actually a Lime Cider with ginger which I really enjoyed and bought a bottle to enjoy later.  The second was traditional ginger beer with a definite bite. This shop … Continue reading Market tastings

cider week at Chuck’s!

  Stopped by Chuck’s on the way home to celebrate with two flights so we could sample all eight options. Here’s our thoughts: Anthem Hopped Cider: sweet start, abrupt dry finish, but sweet left on lips Snow drift Orchard Select: lots of bubbles, strong apple taste, full-bodied and balanced. A fancy alcoholic Martinellis. Seattle Cider Semi-Sweet: already a fan of the cans, good on draft … Continue reading cider week at Chuck’s!